What's the future of subgraphs in legacy-explorer?

I made our organization a subgraph a week ago (i.e. a few days before the big changes of thegraph), and now I’m wondering how this is going to work for us. I’m a bit confused and would love some guidance.

Currently the subgraph is only available via the legacy-explorer, so I’d love to know what the future of the legacy-explorer is… Are subgraphs developed on legacy going to be nerfed?
If not, how will I be able to access the subgraph in the future? Will there be a possibility to link a legacy subgraph to a wallet -since now subgraphs are registered per wallet- or is it expected that subgraphs are re-deployed on the new system?

Does thegraph expect organizations to buy and deposit GRT for querying a subgraph?

Thank you for helping me out,

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Hi! Thanks for using The Graph & hope it is working well for you, what network is your subgraph indexing?
While the long-term plan is to migrate subgraphs to the Network, the Hosted Service will continue to be supported, and we will help developers migrate over time.
When you do migrate, you will need to redeploy the subgraph to the studio (there is not currently a simple way to link a subgraph on the hosted service to a wallet).
The Graph Network does require users to use GRT to pay for queries, see more information on that here.

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@adamfuller Thank you!
We have 2 subgraphs on both Polygon and Mainnet. It seems Polygon is not yet supported on the new system…
I’m also not sure about what happens if no one indexes / curate your subgraph? is that even possible?

Cheers for your time.

Yes Polygon is not yet fully supported on the new system (not eligible for indexing rewards).

It is possible that no one signals on or indexes your subgraph, but you can always signal on your own of course!

Ok, thanks a lot! Last question: If no one indexes your subgraph, what happens?

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Nothing happened, queries will not be served.
But, if you or someone else will signal on your subgraph at least 1k GRT 99% that somebody will index it.
If there will be 15k → 100% that somebody will index it.
And if you will be one of the first who signals on your own subgraph you will cover all of your expenses in the future, because 10% “discount” on fees. And also your share of signals will cost more, so you could unsignal partially for cover expenses.


Thanks a lot that was very informative.