Where did my transaction go?

I sent my GRT directly to a wallet address that I thought I was delegating to. I thought I was using Metamask. I have a log of the transaction, but my profile on The Graph says I have 0 GRT in there.

Can you explain where the GRT was before you sent it? Was it in metamask?

Yes. I sent it to what I thought was a delegate, but now I can’t find it.

Can you search you metamask address on etherscan.io? That shows all your transactions. If you feel comfortable you can post your address on here and myself or someone can check.


Hey. It looks like you delegated to indexer StakedUs address 0x4d6a8776a164776c93618233a0003e8894e7e6c2 on (Apr-16-2022 06:14:10 PM +UTC) for 169 GRT.

Also Apr-15-2022 06:39:51 PM +UTC) same indexer for 195 GRT.

I hope this is what you were looking for. You can search your address in graphscan.io to keep track or use the graph explorer Delegators | Graph Explorer.

I also sent 1486 GRT earlier in the day somewhere, but my Metamask doesn’t say it was delegated.

I see that too sorry it shows sent to graphops address 0x365507a4eef5341cf00340f702f7f6e74217d96e On (Apr-15-2022 02:34:10 PM +UTC)

It didn’t display as delegated but transfer. Check the other avenues graphscan or graph explorer. They are better once you delegate

Is it lost if I transferred vs. delegated?

Anyone else have any feedback?. Did he transfer GRT to indexer address by mistake? Here is transaction hash 0x94da9f53e04623c1a8e62094674f0285c1d10b9cf4e3d6473899ac07921ba83f

Maybe you can contact them directly and ask? I only found Twitter @graphopsxyz. Or wait to hear anyone else’s suggestion

Jump in discord and ping @chris.eth#7351 or @calinah#8717. You should be able to get it back.


Never used discord. I set up an account, but when I try to look them up, it says those names don’t exist.

You would need to join the Graph discord server first: graphprotocol. Then post a message in delegator channel stating your issue (i.e. accidentally directly transferred vs. delegated via graph explorer) and then add @chris.eth#7351 & @calinah#8717 to the end of the message. One of them should then answer you


Thank you for sending @kidzdoc2 our way @DataNexus, @Oliver! Appreciate your guidance as well @PaulieB.

@kidzdoc2, your GRT has been returned. Happy delegating!