Why Crypto Isn't Mainstream and what GRT Should Focus On

Hello, I wanted to share my knowledge and my opinion (don’t blame me for my bad English :slightly_smiling_face:)

In this development, I will try to explain why projects like GRT require more work on specific points like human factors and user experience.

Many projects on cryptography focus on the development of the latter and do not pay attention to certain key elements, such as identifying user needs in an objective and non-technocentric way, using a rigorous and scientific methodology, identifying what are the uses of the users, their perception of the technology, the perceived usefulness, the perceived usability and the acceptance of the latter, often no post is dedicated to such variables, which are however essential to carry out projects and propel the project to the fore by making it useful, pleasant, usable, easy to access.

This work can concretely fit into the GRT project by, for example, improving the web interface, prioritizing essential information, simplifying the process to use the potential of GRT.

Improved adoption: A quality user experience can increase the chances that users will adopt the project. If users find the platform easy to use and understand, they are more likely to use it regularly and recommend it to others.

Reduced support costs: A difficult-to-use platform can lead to numerous support requests, which can be costly for your business. Improving the user experience can reduce the number of support requests and lower support costs.

Increased user retention: A positive user experience can encourage users to return, increasing user retention and lifetime value.

Competitive differentiation: A unique and high-quality user experience can differentiate the platform from competitors, attracting new users and retaining current ones.

Reduced errors: A poorly designed platform can lead to user errors. Improving the user experience can reduce errors and improve user satisfaction.

Increased security: An intuitive user experience can help users understand security risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions.

As a specialist trained in ergonomics, psychology and human factors, I think that digging into these elements could drastically improve the quality of the project, user-centric design and implementation with developers could save time and money.

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer

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