01node Indexer presentation

Hello, my name is Claudiu, i represent 01node, we are a trusted validator on some POS networks like Cosmos, Near, Skale, Solana, Terra, etc.
We run only on bare metals servers colocated in a DC in Romania.
We have a 13.9% commision right now [for indexing and query] and hopefully it will stay this way for a long time.

Our indexer : 01node-indexer.eth or 0x79c813f6b6a84b4ab7258db617612f06bde25498
more info about us here: https://01node.com
get in touch here: hello@01node.com or Telegram: Contact @node01

a little delegation guide here: How to easily delegate GRT (The Graph) using Metamask. Works from web browser/mobile phone and Ledger - 01Node

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our graph portal profile: