A full list of API caller

Hi, I’m looking for the end-user applications, those who will call and consume our data.

I think end-user applications is the key to our platform… more users / more query fee earn :wink:

Where can I look for the list? Or can we somehow know what app is sending queries?

Hey @vaquan thanks for posting! What project are you working on? I think the potential consumers will depend a bit on the subgraph in question. However I don’t think that information is surfaced anywhere right now (just aggregate query volumes), that is maybe an interesting idea for @BaptisteGreve

Hey @vaquan! We have a non-exhaustive list of apps using The Graph listed in the “Live Products” section on our home page.

Other than that we don’t have an exhaustive list of apps using The Graph for now. I will keep this in mind :slight_smile: