Add Support for Eclipse Chain Subnet

About Eclipse

The Eclipse gaming subnet enables games and gamers to produce enhanced gaming value propositions through the release of exclusive chain wide gaming products, while providing all on chain products, marketplaces and decentralized exchanges

Services include but not limited to:

  • Swap - Seamlessly exchange tokens, fueling fluid transactions and enhancing ecosystem versatility.
  • Bridge - Connect assets between chains, expanding possibilities and unlocking seamless interaction.
  • Liquidity Pools - Participate in liquidity provision, earning rewards and enhancing the ecosystem ’ s vibrancy.
  • Lootboxes - Permitting users to use in-game items to acquire randomized boxes

Eclipse is currently on testnet with a release as soon as The Graph includes subnet as a supported network.

Eclipse will be migrating over some existing projects. dApps are already built and will be migrating 15,000+ active wallets to use with 20,000 NFT assets.

Crosschain marketplace has been created and currently supports over 500,000 NFT assets.

Crosschain bridge is ready to go.

Contact Information

Mercules, Eclipse Core Dev Team
Twitter: @mercules_thor

Graph Node integration

We are an EVM chain, a subnet of the Avalanche Network
Type of integration: RPC Endpoint

Network Name: Eclipse Testnet
Chain ID: 555666
Currency Symbol: ECLPS

Integration with Subgraph Studio or alternatives

We can provide an RPC endpoint and other information for the subgraph studio.

Indexer Documentation

Indexing Eclipse is the same as indexing any standard EVM chain (Avalanche). We have public RPC points available to ingest chain data with.

Hello ! Thank you for completing the CIP template! We’re looking forward to learning more about your network and assisting with the next steps.

Connecting you with Edge & Node will be an important start. I’m happy to help with that using the email you provided above. If you have Telegram and you’d like to correspond there, please provide that as well.

Thanks again!

Thank you. We’d like to get connected with Edge & Node. Because of security concerns, we try not to use telegram and prefer Discord.

Email works.

Thank you.