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About edeXa

edeXa is a blockchain ecosystem built to enable scalable and business oriented DApps for the world.

The edeXa approach to permissioned blockchain means that only trusted and verified entities can participate in the ecosystem of infinite possibilities. It uses the most secure distributed ledger technology with very high performance for businesses.

Organisations can create a consortium with other users or can create their own private blockchain with a click, which is secured via the main blockchain of edeXa.

edeXa Universe offers all well-known public blockchains in combination with our strong business blockchain technology to generate a new dimension of solutions.


Contact Information

Aseem PM, Sr. Blockchain Developer for edeXa

Graph Node integration

We are an EVM chain.
Type of integration: RPC Endpoint

Integration with Subgraph Studio or alternatives

We can provide an RPC endpoint and other information for the subgraph studio.

Indexer Documentation

Indexing edeXa is the same as indexing a standard EVM chain. We have public RPC points available to ingest chain data with.

Hello @a.palumannil ! Thank you for completing the CIP template! We’re looking forward to learning more about your network and assisting with next steps. See below our list of asks to help us get started.

  1. Connecting you with Edge & Node will be an important first step. I’m happy to help with that using the email you provided above or we can start a Telegram chat: - please let me know what works best for you!

  2. To help initiate Indexer testing for your network, we’ll need details on the setup of an archive node, including hardware requirements. Please share those specific docs or any relevant GitHub pages for this process.

  3. Both quality of service and determinism assurances are essential for mainnet support with indexing rewards. Indexers will be syncing subgraphs to test for any PoI discrepancies . We highly encourage you to share an example subgraph with us so that we can ensure the best outcomes in our process.

  4. If you have a Discord or Telegram community that provides developer support as well as vital release and upgrade information for Node operators, please share those links with us as well.

Thanks so much!

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Hi @kate.paka

Let initiate discussion through the Telegram.