Add Support For Linea Mainnet

About Linea

Linea aims to be a Type 2 zkEVM and achieve EVM-equivalence, handling native EVM bytecode for proving and verification. This allows for the execution of Solidity smart contracts and enables developers to build while using familiar tools and infrastructure at extremely low switching costs. The network does not use transpilers or custom compilers on bytecode. By taking the compiled bytecode directly from solidity, we significantly reduce the surface area risk for bugs and hacks.

Linea’s mainnet has been operational for approximately six months. As of the latest data, mainnet has processed over 44.5 million transactions, with a 30D MA of ~230,000 Tx/Day.

Contact Information

Name: Arthur Remy, Product Manager

About: Member of the Linea Technical team. This team manages the private subgraph clusters and will remain the Point of Contact for all related Graph questions.

TG Handle: @goinfrex - Telegram: Contact @goinfrex

Name: Cameron ODonnell, Growth

About: Member of the Growth Team at Linea, focusing on protocol and DeFi advancement.

TG Handle: @daostrat - Telegram: Contact @daostrat

Graph Node integration

Linea is fully EVM bytecode compatible. This should apply to all EVM aspects of integration. For any required offchain aspects of this integration, please contact us using the above.

Please see the following link for the provided RPC information.

Please see the following link for information on running a Linea Node..

Integration with Subgraph Studio or alternatives

We can provide RPC endpoints for Subgraph Studio and are actively working with the Graph Studio team.

Indexer Documentation

Indexing on Linea should be the same as Indexing on a standard EVM chain.


Hi @ 0xcam
I’m excited to be working with Linea on getting full protocol support! And I’m glad the integration with Subgraph Studio is well along the way.

Can I assume the most updated docs on the Indexer documentation is what’s on this page? Our Indexers will need to run an archive node. May I assume it’ll just be tweaking geth with --gcmode=archive?

In addition, is there a public archive snapshot our Indexers can use to bootstrap syncing?


Thanks @Pedro !

  • Running an Indexer node will require the execution node found above.
  • As per the documentation for running an indexer, it should be the same as operating an indexer on a standard EVM chain (with the below note)
  • Standard geth - gcmode will work just fine.
  • No snapshots available, but it is ~20M blocks, so it should not be timely to sync

Example Subgraph found here