Announcing The Graph Builders Office Hours!

gm frens!

My name is Kevin Jones, Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node. This is my first post on the forums but it will be a short, quick but exciting one! :star_struck:

What is The Graph Builders Office Hours?

The mission of the Graph Builders Office Hours is to support and empower developers, teams, and protocols actively building with The Graph protocol. We will focus on the tech and helping you build the future of decentralized apps! :rocket:


We are happy to announce the first edition of Graph Builders Office Hours will take place on Thursday, 29. June 17:00 CEST / 8am PT. (please note the time change!)


We will meet in the The Graph Discord. To find the event join and login to Discord and navigate to events on the top left just below The Graph logo. You can also see all the dates and topics by navigating to this notion calendar.

If you would like to request future topics to be covered on the call please do so using this notion form

We are so excited to build out this new community focused on builders in The Graph Ecosystem. We hope to see you there!

– Kevin from Edge & Node


Is there an agenda for the first meeting? Would be good to know to better promote this.

I’m looking forward to joining.

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Great initiative, as Matthew pointed out, if you can share a simple agenda, just few bullet points, I will make sure that both our local communities and Graphtronauts will help in promoting the event :man_astronaut:

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Awesome thank you! Here is an Agenda for the first event…

  • Quick Introduction to The Graph Builders Office Hours (5 mins)
  • Overview Simon’s Hackathon Starter Kit (30 mins)
  • Topic Requests Discussion and Q&A (25 mins)
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Cool, I will make sure it reaches a larger audience :man_astronaut: