Chain Integrations Tracking Doc

Chain Integrations Tracking Doc

This document will serve as an up-to-date tracker of new chain integrations with The Graph that are going through the CIP (Chain Integration Process).

As a recap, the CIP is the current standard process by which new blockchains get full protocol support. Details about the process and how to integrate a new chain can be found in this GIP.

At this time, The Graph Network supports more than 40 chains. This means anyone can use Subgraph Studio to publish and query subgraphs on the network. The CIP ensures full protocol integration, including additional data services like substreams, and with indexing rewards for Indexers wishing to support such ecosystems (and future ones).
Refer to this page for more information on the level of support for different blockchains.

Status Update Table

:chains: Blockchain :hammer_and_pick: Testing Status :balance_scale: Governance :checkered_flag: Integration Status :books: Indexer docs
Astar zkEVM :yellow_circle: On-going
Base :yellow_circle: On-going :white_check_mark: Base Guide
Binance (BSC) :orange_circle: POI Investigation Level of support TBD :white_check_mark: Binance Guide
Boba :yellow_circle: On-going
Blast :yellow_circle: On-going
Fuse :yellow_circle: On-going
Linea :green_circle: Done Preparing GGP Soon. Full protocol support after GGP vote. :white_check_mark: Linea Guide
Mode :large_blue_circle: Soon
Moonbeam :yellow_circle: On-going
Scroll :green_circle: Done Preparing GGP Soon. Full protocol support after GGP vote. :white_check_mark: Scroll Guide
Starknet :large_blue_circle: Soon

Note: other chains are in the pipeline but not listed here to keep the thread as short as possible.


Testing Status

  • Preparation / Soon: Infrastructure set-up in preparation for the testing phase.
  • Testing Status:
    • :yellow_circle: On-going
      • Extensive testing of underlying infrastructure by InfraDAO (blockchain nodes)
      • POI cross-checking.
      • Producing guides for Indexers (InfraDAO).
    • :green_circle: Testing is complete. Report is available.
    • :orange_circle: POI Investigation: testing is well under way, but further investigation is needed related to data determinism. This could impact the level of network support (i.e. indexing rewards enabled for all bsc subgraphs, or only on a subset relying on specific subgraph features).

    Note: testing time may go from weeks to months as each ecosystem is different

  • Governance: Testing phase is complete & the testing report was reviewed by the Technical Advisory Board (TAB). The Council is now voting on the level of integration, according to the feature support matrix. This will come in the form of a GGP (Graph Governance Proposal) here.

We hope these updates are useful for Indexers who may want to prepare in advance for chains close to being fully supported. All integrations will also be announced in The Graph’s Discord, Indexer Office Hours, and across the ecosystem.

Note on Indexer troubleshooting

In addition, new dedicated Discord channels are being created in The Graph’s Discord server for infrastructure troubleshooting (Indexers), with support from protocol teams going through the integration process.

Points of Contact

If you or somebody in your community wants The Graph to support your chain, start off by completing step 1 in the CIP process by starting a forum thread here. If you have any questions, you can reach out to me (

This thread will be updated whenever a new chain enters any listed phase.