Chain requirements and expectations to be added to The Graph Network

This thread is a follow up to the Epoch Block Oracle GIP, which proposed that The Graph Council should approve addition of new networks (beyond mainnet Ethereum) to the Oracle (thereby adding indexing reward support for subgraphs indexing those chains). That GIP included some suggestions:

When assessing whether a given chain should be added, The Graph Council should require confirmation (from core developers, or otherwise) that an integration with Graph Node exists which allows for deterministic indexing of the chain. The Graph Council may also consider the chain itself and its ecosystem (for decentralisation, client availability, stability).

In response, @mdarwin asked for more specific definition of what is required for a chain to be added, rather than this quite opaque prescription.

Starting this thread to discuss that topic, in principle and down to specifics - feedback is welcome from all ecosystem participants, as well as from chains themselves.

There are also ongoing discussions on this topic among core developers, which will be brought here once they have been worked through & documented.


Great to have a dedicated discussion for this.

Iā€™m definitely excited to see the number of subgraphs grow across numerous networks on the decentralized network!