The Graph Council #34 Notes

Council members value transparency and have agreed to follow Chatham House Rules for sharing meeting notes. On Aug 25th, 2022, The Graph Council held its 34th meeting.


Jim Cousins
Brandon Ramirez
Gary Morris
Mable Jiang
Santiago Palladino
Yaniv Tal

The Graph Foundation (”Foundation”)
Eva Beylin, Director, the Foundation

Observer and Note Taker
Note taker: Alex Marsh, the Foundation
Observer: Mark Swiderski, the Foundation
Observer: Andrew Domzalski, Edge & Node

Adam Fuller, Edge & Node

Council Business
The meeting commenced at 8:04 a.m. PST.


Council discussed Indexing Rewards and The Merge. This GIP is an assessment of how the merge will affect the issuance and speed of the protocol. Council to prepare a snapshot vote to decide to adjust the issuance rate.

Multichain on the Graph Network

GIP-0009: Arbitration charter describes the role and expected behaviour of the Arbitrator. This has not been ratified and has been updated for the introduction of the Epoch Block Oracle.

GIP-0008: Subgraph API versioning and feature management. This describes how new Graph Node versions and features should be introduced to the network. This has been updated to clarify the types of features which need to be added to the feature support matrix, and extra examples have been added for network support.

GIP-XXXX: DataEdge. This describes a gas-efficient method to bridge data into subgraphs.

This has been posted on the forum, and has general approval. The Council needs to approve a specific mainnet instance for use in the protocol.

GIP-XXXX: Chain identification and Aliasing. This GIP proposes that The Graph Network adopts CAIP-2 naming conventions for addition of chains to the network, with a list of supported aliases for backwards compatibility & readability.

GIP-XXXX: Epoch Block Oracle. This describes the Epoch Block Oracle, which will provide the data required to support indexing rewards for non-mainnet chains.

This has been posted on the forum, and the majority of the engineering work has been done.

This and prior GIPs must be approved in order to move forward with adding new chains to the network.

Foundation Updates

MIPs program announced today. This is a huge step for Web3!