Claim your The Graph NFT created by POAP!

The Graph Foundation is excited to be collaborating with Wave 1 grantee POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) to launch 11 NFTs for The Graph community that each represent participation in key moments in The Graph’s history. We couldn’t have done it without you!

POAP NFTs are a new way of memorializing experiences and milestones on-chain, with each POAP uniquely designed for each role. Thanks to Guadalupe and Carl Hagerling for the incredible art!

How to Claim your NFT

Read our blog post to hear all about the NFTs. All Mission Control Testnet Indexers, Curator Program participants, Grantees, Snapshot voters, Initial Team, Council Members, Subgraph Developers, Curators, Delegators and Indexers on the Network in the first 90 days or Original Graphers (public sale participants) are eligible.

  • Mission Control participants, Curator program participants and Grantees will be able to claim the badges by sending a message to the @POAP-bot on The Graph’s Discord. The bot requires that you have the role (eg. MissionControl-TestnetCurators) that was assigned during the onboarding of each program or wave of grants, and the message sent needs to contain a specific word (sent via email), corresponding to your role. The bot will reply and provide a specific link, to claim the POAP so you can claim it with your preferred address. POAP claiming will be free on xDAI and users have the option to migrate their NFTs to mainnet Ethereum whenever they like.

  • Subgraph Developers who are users of The Graph’s hosted service, please check your emails for a direct link to claim your badge!

  • Indexers, Delegators, Council members, Snapshot Voting Participants and Original Graphers (public sale participants) can go to POAP Delivery to claim their NFTs! Simply select the badge and input the address that was used in that role (eg. the Ethereum address used to Delegate on the network). If you used a vesting contract, input your beneficiary address.

  • Indexers and Delegators can claim badges if they participated within the first 90 days of the network launch. Curator NFTs will be distributed similarly, for the community members that curate during the first 90 days after Curation goes live during phase 3 of migration.

We appreciate your continued support for The Graph’s mission and thank you for being an active member of this community. :woman_astronaut: