Wave 3 RFP & Grant Ideas

The Graph Foundation would like to hear from you! As we’re ramping up for the next wave of grantees, we’re also preparing to release new RFP ideas for the community to participate in. :woman_astronaut::ocean:

With that said:

  • Is there protocol tooling you wish indexers had? Guides or workshops on a specific topic?
  • Are there improvements to Ethereum node infrastructure The Graph Foundation should fund?
  • Subgraph Devs new tooling or documentation that should exist?
  • Are there any subgraphs we’d like to see built but haven’t had the time? Any subgraphs that need improving or maintaining?
  • What gaps do we have in our content, docs, education or tutorials?
  • Any new community initiatives? Specific translations of content?
  • Are there dapp/blockchain R&D projects The Graph Foundation should be funding?

Please respond with your RFP ideas or suggestions in this thread to improve the ecosystem! :rocket:

Have an idea for a grant in community, protocol infrastructure, tooling or subgraph for a dapp? Apply for a grant here!. Also, feel free to check out posted RFPs here.

We’d love to hear from you. :sparkles:


Let’s get the show on the road. On the heels of all the healthy discussions recently around improving stake decentralization, I hereby propose an RFP for the creation of:

The Graph Decentralization Dashboard


Create a dashboard that tracks key decentralization metrics in the Graph network, including trend charts enabling tracking of progress.


We are continuously looking to improve decentralization across all aspects of our network. Various proposals are in active discussions to improve decentralization in different areas. As the ecosystem continues to mature, it is important for the community to understand how well we are doing in terms of all things decentralization as well as understanding how specific initiatives have improved targeted decentralization metrics post-launch.

RFP Requirements

  • Collaborate with the community and gain consensus on specific decentralization areas to track in the network and with what metrics. Examples:

  • Stake Decentralization (what KPIs: % of stake held by top 10 Indexers, # of Indexers making up top 50% of stake, etc)

  • Delegator Awareness (average # of Indexers delegated to, % of delegators delegated to small Indexers, etc)

  • Gain community consensus on where and how such a dashboard would be hosted

  • Application should be open-source and flexible to add/modify as different decentralization metrics emerge over time

  • Besides static monitoring of KPIs, the dashboard should also focus strongly on trending charts that enable capturing progress made over time


  • Develop mockup as visual presentation of The Graph Decentralization Dashboard. Gain rough community consensus in the Forum
  • Present final list of specific decentralization KPIs, along with formulas on how to track them
  • Implement dashboard per community consensus approach

Consider the above post as a starting point for discussion. Share your feedback if you feel this idea is a good one. You can also suggest modifications to the RFP details, requirements or deliverables. Most importantly, feel free to also post your own ideas here, which might be something entirely different but very useful in your view. Looking forward to your feedback!


In community talk #3 there was a conversation about reinvesting efforts in community snapshots as part of a GIP’s lifecycle.

I feel that there are a lot of community members that believe in The Graph’s mission and want to participate, but either don’t have the technical background or time to dedicate to understanding the nuances of the steady flow of GIPs, or how different GIPs may end up opposing or complimenting each other.

It would be awesome to see some sort of non-technical descriptions or video summaries of any GIP that is up for a community snapshot.

I’m not sure if this would be a fit for an RFP or just something to think about for snapshot voting. From what I remember the previous snapshot had mostly Indexer participation, and while The Graph community and visibility has grown a lot since then, I think it would be appreciated by non-technical community members to have GIPs explained in laymen terms.

A good example is the contrast between Alexandre’s description of the Firehose in core dev meetings vs Josh’s explanation during community talk #3.


I do like this idea, and would be glad to see this being added to @stakemachine’s Grafana-based network monitoring dashboard: https://thegraph.stake-machine.com/

This could avoid fragmentation, and most of the data would come from on-chain activity or the network subgraph itself, for which a Prometheus exporter has already been developed (check GitHub - stakemachine/thegraph-exporter: The Graph Exporter continuously polls data from the network subgraph, fetches some smart-contract data, and generates network-wide metrics based on collected data.)

Thanks for sharing this, @Ethan and good to know you’re following Community Talk! :slight_smile:
Definitely something we’ve been discussing. A simplified explanation and walkthrough guide does seem to be something the community would value :+1:

I support what @Oliver proposes for an RFP. Delegator community would benefit greatly and would help with onboarding more delegators → decentralization increases. Many who I’ve spoken with who delegated earlier on and still to this day feel like it’s a crapshoot and/or don’t have the time or feel timid to engage with indexers personally before making a decision.

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Hi community, are there systematic incentives in the network to encourage people to publish high quality subgraphs? I don’t have a specific idea yet but comparing to indexers and curators, I feel there is not too much designed for the subgraph creators.


I posted this in the Telegram and Discord but will post here for record-keeping purposes. What do you guys think about this idea:

Using the new Graphtronauts app/dashboard, Graphtronauts can create a Graph ecosystem “Contributor Score” reward system. Perhaps an algorithm can be designed that considers:

Date of entry into indexing/curation/delegation
Length of time indexing/delegated/curated
Amount indexing/delegated/curated
Number of subgraphs indexed
Number of delegators delegated to my indexer
Number of indexers delegated to
Number of subgraphs signaled

We can use the aforementioned and/or other parameters to come up with a Graph ecosystem “Contributor Score” with weekly/monthly rewards granted proportional to level of participation as determined by contributor scores. Maybe we can use similar metrics as those used to determine community SnapShot voting weight. This would increase Graph ecosystem participation incentives, increase incentives for delegators/curators to maintain their positions, and also overall increase the APY for delegators/indexers/curators.


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Other potential metrics:

Ratio of staked:held tokens
Participation in SnapShot voting
Participation on social (Discord, Forum)

One indexer tool that I could see being useful, is having a stress test environment for indexers to see the limits of their query capacity.

Something like a subgraph deployment on the testnet that runs varying amounts of queries per second, seems like it’s be a helpful metric for indexers as well as at a protocol level for determining how to route queries.

Someone who can only handle 100-200 QPS may not be the best choice for a subgraph that generates 1000 QPS.

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Hi @DataNexus

Thanks for sharing! :+1:

To be clear: when you say “at a protocol level for determining how to route queries”, are you suggesting the network should be able to determine the best Indexer to serve that data based on an overall understanding of all indexers’ total capacity vs. current load (index and query work)?

Might be worth mentioning out Semiotic AI’s stress-testing tool, who I know has been working on a much improved and flexible v2. There’s another grantee working on a Traffic Simulator using indexer-stresstest a baseline.

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Thanks @Pedro! I’m going to take a look at this one! This might suffice for what I was looking for.

This is one area I would love to see broken out!

I think a freelance subgraph dev marketplace would be a great project.

We have the Graph Foundation’s RFP’s for creating individual subgraphs, but it isn’t clear whether or not the project has stated their intended use for these.

On the discord ‘Find-A-Team’ channel, there have been requests for people to make subgraphs generally with a ‘will pay for it’.

Having a page where projects could post a RFP and deposit a bounty would be a great way to attract subgraph devs and promote mainnet migration.