Cost Modelling Workshop

During Indexer Office Hours #3 (replay here) @dancube brought up some questions about cost modelling and specifically the use of Agora.

It would be great if we could have a Cost Modelling Workshop with the creator of Agora, @That3Percent, to get everyone up to speed on where Agora is in terms of features today, and how to use it including:

  • Collection of query data using QLog (maybe @lutter would run through this as the creator of QLog?)
  • Processing data so it’s ready for Agora
  • Basic cost models with one limited example (something basic like floating a price on an exchange rate?)
  • Running query data through Agora , understanding the results and iterating upon them

The overall objectives of this workshop would be for participants to come out of the session with the knowledge to:

  • Collect their own data using Qlog
  • Sanitise logs for Agora
  • Understand a basic cost model
  • Run models using Agora and return useful results
  • Iterate on the results that Agora provides

Thanks Jim, for raising this.

What you have outlined in your post is exactly what I’d be looking for in such a workshop.

I look forward to attending when it can be set up!


We’ll be setting up a cost model workshop soon.


hey guys, any update on this workshop? really looking forward to this one.


Not yet. I’m working on something first and this will be the next thing I do.


Hi, any estimate for this? It’s a really interesting topic :slight_smile:

I’ve been head down focused on migrating subgraphs to mainnet, and Scalar in particular.