Couldn't Trigger an event when deploying my own graph-node

Hi, As I cloned the graph-node and tried my POC for sourcing Binance Smart Chain event using this RPC , the result was not what I expected

Here is what the log showed

Noted that this issue occurred only on the main-net, I tried using a test-net and it worked properly

It would be very pleasing for me if the community can help me with this issue

PS: I knew that the graph hasn’t support BSC yet, but due to the fact that I could change an RPC to BSC test-net and it worked properly, so I thought that this might work for the main-net as well.

The missing trie node tends to indicate you’re not running an archive node while your subgraph requires one.

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Glad to hear that BSC is now supported tho. No need to host an own Graph node anymore!!.

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