Question: Wonder whether or not the new subgraph studio support BSC

Hi, I just wonder whether or not the new subgraph studio support BSC?, I can’t publish my BSC saying the queried network is a wrong network (not a mainnet). However, I could deploy it.
any ideas?
Or should I go back and use hosted service.

Hey! The BSC network isn’t supported on the Graph Network for now, it only supports subgraphs querying data from Mainnet.

If your subgraph is querying data from another mainnet it needs to be deployed to the hosted service for now.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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I see, thank you so much!.

Anyway, May I know if there is any issue regarding to creating a hosted service subgraph right now. Couldn’t create a hosted service subgraph. Here is the log

We had an issue a few hours ago but it should be fixed now! Can you try again?

it works now, thank you so much