Curating and minimal GRT required to get your subgraph indexed

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reading The Graph documentation it is recommended to currate subgraph on publish with 10000GRT. Looking the GRT price on the market, it make that curration initial cost very volatile while, seems to me, real indexation costs is based on real life cost. Looking GRT price history it could go up to 20 000 USD.

So from there I’ve a question : should we expect that minimum recommended amount of GRT for curation will adapt depending the GRT price against USD ? Can you tell me more if there is some mecanism allowing some stable price on that initial curration ?

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I believe 10K figure was suggested when the price was much lower so easier to absorb. I have noticed subgraphs with several indexers working them with a much lower amount. I think much depends on your needs as well. I think you could get a few indexers w/ 1k-2k signal. You should know you do get this self signal back should you not use your subgraph and you earn 10% of query fees as well.

This subgraph was recently published w/ 2k signal and has several indexers for example - The Graph also just recently announced the upgrade indexer that helps as well. More info in here - Introducing the Upgrade Indexer: New Developer Benefits, Easier Network Upgrades | Blog | The Graph

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I believe the documentation will be updated to be more along the lines of what @PaulieB mentioned. CC @adamfuller


Thank you for the time passed to answer that question @PaulieB @mdarwin . Looking forward to see the documentation update :slight_smile:


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Seems to me such proposal could also help having predictable price :