Signaling & quering fees

Hello, I been testing with subgraphs, building subgraphs that index ethereum mainnet ERC721 smart contracts, but deployed them to Rinkeby testnet. Signaled the subgraphs with test GRT that got from the faucet. Queried the indexed subgraph from within Yoga GraphiQL.

Would like to budget for the process fully on mainnet and querying from application. In order to do that would like an idea of the real cost of signaling the subgraph and querying it. Were would be the best place to ask or verify this?

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I would recommend having at least 1k GRT curation signal on your subgraph. Right now looks like there are no subgraphs with at least 1k signal that have less than 6 distinct indexers on them (looking at data from the mainnet subgraph). When publishing your subgraph be sure to use the option to be the first to curate on it. To publish the subgraph I believe the gas cost would be somewhere between 0.05 to 0.1 ETH (but could fluctuate a bit outside that range). Cost to query the subgraph is a bit harder to estimate and can vary a lot (sending more queries typically results in lower cost per query, and can vary by indexers/subgraph); for the queries I run I usually see costs ranging from 0.0002 GRT per query to around 0.006 GRT per query depending on how I use the API key. You can also set a max price for your queries for your API keys, but I would set this conservatively to avoid disruption.


beautifull, crystal clear, many thanks for the detailed explanation, really helped me to move forward