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I creat this topic for any questions related to Curator program included reward release, staking locked token , what is the next step for Curators …

Feel free to discussion :smile: :kissing_heart:


Congratulations to the Graph Team with the new Graph Forum. :partying_face: :smiley: :raised_hands:
I would like to know when UI for staking locked tokens will be available ?

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Soon, my fren :slight_smile:


Any idea when curation should start ? with the 28 days unbonding period, we better get ready and undelegate the GRT tokens to be able to signal on the bonding curve.
Is the team planning to give us enough time to undelegate and be ready to signal ?


Wait for the good news from team which continues working hard date by date :kissing_heart:


I am ecstatic about the opening of the Curator program on Mainnet. I was a Testnet Curator but unfortunately was not able to participate as much as I wouldve liked. However, I feel working as a MN Curator would give me a second chance. That, or a potential Community Ambassador, or something of the sort. Whatever ways I can get involved, I am excited about it!!


Hi, first post here. I just read the January (newsletter?) it mentioned a situation where an indexer can steal the reward tokens from a delegator. What? How can this be? Is there anything being done to rectify this?
I have recently delegated tokens & have added to my position. I am also in the process of helping some friends who hold GRT start delegating. I can no longer sanction any friend’s token’s becoming staked in this type of environment.
Please tell me that there is a solution to this problem for my own and future delegators peace of mind.

It doesn’t steal tokens from delegators. Only the rewards that are about to be distributed.

  1. Not the best place to ask this, since this thread if related to Curation, from what I can tell
  2. This didn’t happen as often as you might think, and since it first happened, everyone has their eyes peeled, and people are going to call these bad behaviors out immediately if they ever occur again.

The Graph is a legit project in a space with a lot of bad actors.
As an investor and a delegator, I would like to think that my investment dollars are safe and it is all “above board.”
I don’t want to have an argument with you, but if your going to try to minimize the theft of a token, whether delegated, or an unrealized gain, is this really your answer?
I would expect The Graph network staff to rectify this and reassure current and future investors that not only will this not be tolerated, but will never happen again in the future.

This is the type of occurrence that separates a wannabe investment vs. an institutional level investment. I don’t think this issue should be swept under the rug, it should be dealt with swiftly & severely.

Just one man’s opinion that will dictate my future actions with this investment.

This is not relevant to this post, I’d recommend moving this conversation to a post in the Delegator section for a constructive discussion.