Daily rewards report for Delegators [BETA]

Hey everyone, it’s me again :slight_smile:
We are providing reports to our huge delegators with “daily rewards”. For some reason (taxation and etc) delegators need to know how much they had on a particular date, that’s why we implemented these reports. But, small delegators also asked about it and we decided to spread it not only on our delegators but for everyone else also :partying_face:
So, we created a “common report” where you can put your delegator address into “delegator_key”(only lower case for now) and you will see how much you get on a particular date + current balance and approximated APR (average daily rewards till this moment * 365). If you want to look at these numbers by a particular Indexer, please put his address into “indexer_key”.

We tested it a lot for personal reports and found\fixed some bugs. I believe you also can find some issues with your particular address in this Common report, feel free to reach us here or DM me here or on Discord, and we will fix your particular case also :slight_smile:

If you have any ideas, how to improve it, and what else should we add, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

Common report [BETA]: The Graph All Delegators


Thank you for setting this up!! I asked about this in the Telegram forum and no one responded. I entered my staking address and it gave me a chart of my rewards but displayed no data. I tried to export but it says I have no data. I just undelegated a few days ago and wonder if this is the issue. I really appreciate your time and support!!!

Edit: I did get a spreadsheet!! I took the numbers to make another spreadsheet as it gave the same balance for multiple days which messes up the actual total rewards received for taxes. It helped a lot instead of trying to extrapolate the data from the line graph!! Time is also required for taxes besides the date so I am not sure at what time the rewards are given so I put 0:00 for each date rewards received. Crypto Tax Applications supply the Dollar amount received on a particular day so that wasn’t an issue. Thanks for making my life so much easier!!!

So I spoke too soon. I scrubbed the spreadsheet data twice and my realized delegation rewards doesn’t match the amount I get with the spreadsheet. Any suggestions would be grateful!!

Hey, thank you for feedback!
Yes, No data could be in 2 cases basically:

  1. Data still loading, it could take up to 1 minute or so.
  2. Your balance is 0. When you request undelegation.

You can share details here, or better to DM me in Telegram @konstantin_rm with your address and we will help you :slight_smile:

Hello everyone. The report was updated, thank you all for your feedback, the data should be even better now. But if you find something or have any ideas how to improve this report, please write me, will be happy to help :slight_smile: