Staking Profit and Tax Calculator

Currently, there exists no calculator that helps you to quickly calculate your delegation profit in GRT and in USD. For this reason, I have created a delegation profit calculator that allows delegators to calculate their profits/ROI in % by simply entering their wallet balance at the end of the month. The calculator takes into account the 0.5% delegation tax and shows how much GRT/USD you have payed for delegating.

The prices for GRT at the end of each month will be automatically fetched, all you need to do is insert the amount you have staked and your wallet balance at the end of the month. Additionally, the calculator shows the amount of taxes delegators need to pay on their earnings based on their jurisdiction.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet.
Here is the link to copy the spreadsheet.

I have prepared the spreadsheet for the year 2021. Prices will be automatically fetched in 2021. I would love to continue maintaining this calculator in the upcoming years and plan on building upon the spreadsheet to increase its functionality. So far, it allows you to calculate staking profits for a total of five indexers. I would like to increase this number in the future. Also, I want to add further functionality based on community feedback.

For this reason, I have applied for a Graph Grant some time ago. Is this is something the Edge & Node Team / Graph Foundation is looking for, @yaniv and @eva? Do you think this is useful for the community?

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