Decentralized Billing Details

Hello I’d like to learn more about billing / accounting. Having accounting details transparent helps build user trust. I understand dapps add GRT to the billing contract which are then pulled weekly. Here I ostensibly see an indexer charging a few users’ balance. I’d like to know where the accounting logic is stored. How does the indexer know how much GRT to charge each user.

Is there somewhere that logs when a dapps submits a query? It would be helpful to see an itemized breakdown of query, dapp ID, and Subgraph ID. I’ve tried using the Billing Subgraph but it only contains data on weekly dapp spend. I want to know how and where the accounting for each query is tracked.

Is it perhaps the gateway that tracks the requests of each dapp? From some The Graph posts, I see the gateway is getting “progressively decentralized”](Network Transition FAQ - The Graph Docs). Has more detail about the gateway shared since that post. What on chain
information about the gateway is currently available?

Let me know if I’ve gotten any details wrong. Looking forward to learning more about the Graph!

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We have a decentralized billing solution

if you are interested in it, you can get more details from GitHub - dbpunk-labs/db3: DB3 is a community-driven decentralized layer2 database network.