Billing has moved to Arbitrum!

The Graph Council recently voted to move forward with GIP-0040, a proposal detailing changes that will deploy The Graph contracts on Arbitrum. The first of those changes are currently going into effect, gradually enabling The Graph Network as a protocol to operate entirely on Arbitrum.

Introducing: a simplified billing process for querying subgraphs!

The Graph’s billing contract on Arbitrum enables a one-step billing experience. You can now easily add GRT to your billing balance without the need to bridge manually across chains. In this new process, your GRT will be securely deposited into the Arbitrum billing contract after you deposit GRT on the billing page in Subgraph Studio. This makes adding GRT to your billing balance easier than ever.

If you’ve already been paying for queries on The Graph Network via a Polygon billing balance, your balance has been securely transferred automatically to Arbitrum—no additional action required.

This is among the first of multiple exciting steps in the community’s plan to have the protocol operate on Arbitrum.

Learn more about paying for queries. You can also get further assistance on Discord in the #query-subgraph channel.