Decimal Smart Cahain integration

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About Blockchain

Decimal Smart Chain

General information about the blockchain:

  • Decimal Samrt Chain is built on the Cosmos SDK, with the implementation of the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol
  • Combined with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) module, which provides access to the Ethereum infrastructure and compatibility with all EVM-based projects (including BSC).
  • DEL is native token of Decimal Smart Chain
  • Market capitalization - $78,429,079 (According CoinMarketCap)

Contact Information

I am part of the team that created this blockchain and maintains its operability.
Сontact -

Graph Node integration

Add here all the details related to:

Integration with Subgraph Studio or alternatives

As referenced in the Chain Integration Process GIP, this is a requirement for Stage 2.
Please detail how you intend to support this integration: seeking help maintaining the RPC and/or Firehose stack, or would an endpoint be provided to the team operating Subgraph Studio?

Indexer Documentation

Provide detailed information for Graph Indexers to support the new chain, which means running the RPC and/or Firehose stack. Examples:

  • Hardware requirements
  • Complete Docker and/or bare metal guides to run a node
  • Available snapshots required to run nodes
  • Average frequency of upgrades or hard-forks
  • Available monitoring solutions (Prometheus, Grafana dashboards, etc.)

Can you please outline how to run a node for this blockchain?

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For visibility: I had a call with the Decimal team, clarifying all the information required to get this integration going. I’m sure we’ll soon hear back from the team.


Hello everyone! I apologize for not getting in touch for a long time since our last call. The fact is that after the meeting, we realized that we needed to finish synchronizing the data of our archive node and only then proceed with further actions. Yesterday we completed these events and are ready to move on. Today I will provide all the necessary information on setting up the node of our network.


Good afternoon!

  1. I am sending you the documentation on the deployment of our node. Instructions are available at this link -
    You need to do everything except step 6.

  2. Hardware requirements:
    40 GB+ ram to run the node and about 30 GB for node work.
    CPU 3+ Ghz
    HDD/SSD 400Gb
    Space is growing very fast. To clean up the place, you can restart the node, or upload a fresh snapshot from the instructions.

  3. Our blockchain is built on the basis of the Cosmos SDK Tendermint. A couple of years ago, the EVM module was implemented in the blockchain. Now we are planning to migrate all tokens from the Cosmos module to the EVM module and in general we will switch to it. Records of operations in this module are kept from the 12611601 block, and not from the very first.
    Before that, we didn’t have a public archive node. Now we understand that it will be required everywhere, so we decided to deploy it to synchronize data. Last week we finished syncing it and now it is available in the mainnet -

Raising the same archive node in the testnet will be a very long process. That is, it turns out that you can raise our test subgraph (Comparing graphprotocol:master...decimalteam:feature/add-decimal-chain · graphprotocol/graph-node · GitHub) in the testnet and connect to our test node (rpc addresses are available on chain list)
Is this option acceptable? In the sense that in the testnet you will connect to an incomplete (according to stored data) node


Good day! Hope you are doing well! Were you able to deploy nodes locally? Do you need any help?

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@mdarwin @Pedro

Hi! Hope you are doing well!
Do you have any updates on deploying nodes?
Maybe you need some help or additional information?

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I also noticed that there is a mistake in the name of this topic - “Chain”, not “Cahain”. How could I correct it?

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We don’t have a list of working peers to sync with. Our team has been asking questions in telegram, but have not received sufficient information up to now. We got a list of validator ids, but no IP addresses to sync with.

Can you please publicly publish a list of peers?

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Hi! Yes, of course!
You can use these seeds = “,”
Paste this in config.toml and relaunch dscd

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According to our team, these are not working.

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Hi! Hope you are doing well! Is there any news on the deploy and testing?

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Please provide working seed nodes and a working snapshot. Your snapshot server is overloaded. someone else tried and couldn’t download the snapshot within 1 day before a new snapshot is created.

$ rsync -avPh --progress --ignore-existing rsync:// /var/lib/tendermint/.decimal/data/
@ERROR: max connections (10) reached -- try again later
rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1863) [Receiver=3.2.7]
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We found out what the problem is. Someone is downloading data very hard. Now all slots are scored by this American IP:
We have added a rule for dropping more than one connection to the rsync server from the same IP. There shouldn’t be any more problems.

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How to make sure the snapshot is not replaced with another one before the download completes?
If you replace a new snapshot on top the old one, then if our download is not finished, then we need to restart again. Please give snapshots unique names.

Also how to speed up the download? Download files from Germany to America across the ocean is not always fast. (Your server is in Germany, Digital Ocean?) rsync is not the fastest in this situation with many thousands of files… one large file which can be downloaded with aria would go faster.

Also the seed nodes are still not working… we cannot sync from genesis. Please get back to us how sync from genesis works without a snapshot at all. It is required to sync from genesis without snapshot.

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I think we managed to download the snapshot. Need to see if it works.

In other news, when syncing from genesis we get this:

6:23PM ERR Error in validation err="wrong Block.Header.AppHash.  Expected F84673DAD57A2F6301B3BB9C5518E534090129053A30C39274FBBE24184E59D1, got 6873FF9A9D3BA2A675E3A56C9C8AE8F8979E1416E986397A4F15781CDB1444EC" module=blockchain server=node
6:23PM ERR Stopping peer for error err="blockchainReactor validation error: wrong Block.Header.AppHash.  Expected F84673DAD57A2F6301B3BB9C5518E534090129053A30C39274FBBE24184E59D1, got 6873FF9A9D3BA2A675E3A56C9C8AE8F8979E1416E986397A4F15781CDB1444EC" module=p2p peer={"Data":{},"Logger":{}} server=node
6:23PM INF service stop impl={"Logger":{}} module=p2p msg={} peer={"id":"4ead9f6ffb31482e0347bb60d1c8e204a6182b7e","ip":"","port":26656} server=node

Can you please directly assign someone technical we can discuss all this with in real-time? Going back and forth here and in the support channel in discord is not very fast.

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Hey @Decimal
I’ll just add @mdarwin to a telegram group I’ll invite your team to so we can streamline this.
We’ll still use this thread to keep the community updated on the process.

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Thanks Pedro. This will help speed up testing.

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