GIP-0062: Remove delegation parameters cooldown


This GIP proposes removing the “delegation parameters cooldown” feature. This cooldown defines how long an Indexer must wait before setting the delegation query fee and rewards cut. We present a proposal to remove it as it is largely unused and is error-prone.


Indexers can set a “cooldown” parameter when setting their delegation parameters (i.e. the query fee and rewards cut). This is largely unused, with no Indexers having used it in the last year on mainnet. Only a single Indexer has used it on Arbitrum One, and due to a UI issue they set it to an incorrect value, locking their delegation parameters for several months. Since the feature is unused and causes problems, we propose removing it and ignoring the value that was set by that single Indexer. This will allow them to change their delegation parameters immediately. Indexers are already motivated to not change parameters too often as this would deter Delegators from delegating to them in the future.

Full GIP text on GitHub: GIP-0062: Remove delegation parameters cooldown by pcarranzav · Pull Request #32 · graphprotocol/graph-improvement-proposals · GitHub

Implementation in progress: feat: remove/deprecate delegation parameters cooldown by pcarranzav · Pull Request #866 · graphprotocol/contracts · GitHub


Makes sense, no one actually used the cooldown! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Cooldown was discussed in today’s IOH. (April 2, 2024)


See also: Delegation Feedback Rollup Thread - #3 by indexer_payne

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