Developer Highlights #1 - "Future proofing your subgraph with dynamic data sources"

For the very first Developer Highlights, we are excited to bring on @juanmardefago. He is an active community member and highly experienced developer that has worked on the subgraphs for:

  • UMA
  • The Graph Network
  • Augur V2 (Kovan)
  • Compound V2

among many others…

@juanmardefago will teach us how we can utilize dynamic data sources (templates) to make our subgraph a bit more future proof. If your dApp deploys contracts using a Factory or Proxy patterns, this video will be invaluable to you! Through a practical example, you will learn to leverage templates in your own subgraph, as well as learn the limitations of this method.

00:00​ Intro
03:46​ Using templates
17:42​ What handlers can be used?
19:43​ What are the benefits of using an event handler?
28:48​ Can you filter which contracts are indexed?
31:35​ Using templates with proxies
32:42​ What are proxies ?
35:13​ What if a new datasource need data from prior blocks?
37:36​ Possible workaround.

We encourage anyone to ask questions about these topics below.


Very Informative. I’ve learned so much from Juan. This is a series I think will help a lot of curators who want to curate data by building subgraphs. I’ll definitely be looking out for new episodes.
Great job!