Developer Highlights #4 - "Templates and Anonymous Contract Events"

In Developer Highlights #4, we get to speak to Nacho Mazzara @nachomazzara , Engineering manager at Decentraland and Co-Founder of

Decentraland is a fully decentralized world owned by its users. The world is continously evolving, and last month they launched their Wearables Editor. This that lets anyone create and publish their own “Wearables” and “Collections”. In this episode, we learn how the collections are created using a “factory” type contract, and how decentraland is using templates to dynamically index these contracts. was born at ETH Berlin 2019. It is a protocol for automated and decentralized limit orders on any DEX. The creation of limit orders are done using a regular ERC20 transfer, with added extra data. This lets users forego the approval function, saving gas and time.

Watch the full episode, or jump straight to each topic using the timestamps below the video.

00:00 Introduction

01:36 Templates - Initializing data sources
06:35 Templates - Indexing dynamically created data sources

07:36 Decentraland - How a collection gets created
10:58 Decentraland - Fetching data from an api
14:56 Decentraland - How data- and imagefiles are handled.

20:12 Pine.Finance - Deterministic contracts using CREATE2
21:38 Pine.Finance - Using a single transfer to create a DEX limit order

24:44 Mappings - Using extra data to create mappings

30:42 Pine.Finance - Requiring higher gas limit than net gas used.
34:31 Pine.Finance - Benefits of utilizing a normal transaction
36:09 Pine.Finance - Relayers
38:01 Pine.Finance - A drawback of utilizing extra data

We encourage anyone to ask questions about these topics below.

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