Does thegraph support graphql subscriptions?

Im currently using graphql to fetch data using simple queries, but now I would like to subscribe to some data.
I’ve saw this article on messari about using thegraph subscriptions, but when I try it in my nodejs script I get:
Only HTTP(S) protocols are supported
So my question is, does thegraph support graphql subscriptions?
This is my code:

const ApolloClient = require('@apollo/client').ApolloClient;
const InMemoryCache = require('@apollo/client').InMemoryCache;
const gql = require("graphql-tag");

const WSURL = "wss://";

const subscription = `
subscription swaps{
  swaps {

const client = new ApolloClient({  
  uri: WSURL,
  options: {
    reconnect: true
  cache: new InMemoryCache()

  query: gql(subscription),
  next(data) {
  error(err) { console.error('err', err); },