Want to send quries without URQL

Greetings again. I have query to ensdomains/ens that works fine in URQL. However, I’d like to see the actual query being sent to the graph so I can send it from a different program.

Given an ASCII query string, what do I append to “https://api.thegraph.com/subgraphs/name/ensdomains/ens/” to send the query directly in the API?

Hi Paul,
Please check out The Graph Client:
GitHub - graphprotocol/graph-client: The Graph library for building GraphQL-based dapps in a decentralized way.

Thanks, but this doesn’t explain how to export the full API queries. The Graph Client seems to have the same capabilities as URQL (but whizzier), but I’m not seeing “given this API endpoint and this query, here’s URL that is being sent to the endpoint”.

The team shared this:

URQL docs example should be sufficient, it is similar to using any GraphQL API