Edge & Node Feb/March 2023 Update

:woman_astronaut: Exec summary

This past month, E&N has hit its stride on making significant progress towards our H1 Strategic Initiatives.

Major accomplishments include: We launched E&N as an Indexer on the Network, began implementing Billing 2.0 MVP, migrated 35 of our Q1 goal of 40 subgraphs, released Graph Node v0.30.0, which includes support for file data sources—a long awaited and oft-requested feature for NFT subgraphs.

Additionally, we have shipped several features including filtering by indexed network in the Explorer, made it possible to create and deploy subgraphs indexing all testnets in the studio, and released support for Celo, Avalanche, Arbitrum in studio, network and docs.

On the business side, we had a very successful Eth Denver representation which contributed directly to migrations, subgraph spotlights, workshops & consumer PR, and BizDev leads. We collaborated with The Graph Foundation get The Graph recognized as a premier partner of Coinbase’s Base L2 and helped The Graph Foundation launch its first developer newsletter.

More detailed updates can be found below in line with our tracks below to support our top-level strategic initiatives.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

1. Edge & Node running an active indexer in the network:

2. Reducing infrastructure costs in hosted service and subgraph studio:

  • We reduced RPC infra usage for mainnet and goerli dramatically, for Mainnet / Goerli / Polygon - and hosted service to EVMX for eth_calls.
  • We also continued to implement automated pruning controls in Graph Node.

3. Unblocking decentralized network go-to-market:

  • We have migrated 35 of our goal of 40 subgraphs for Q1 (24 subgraphs migrated in February). 7 of these in-person migrations (Threshold, Exactly, DAOHaus, HOP, HOPR, Galaxy, Unlock Protocol) were completed at Eth Denver.
  • For the Migration Infrastructure Providers (MIPS) Program, we shipped the details page for participants.
  • We released Graph Node v0.30.0, file data sources is code complete, and we provided support for a large amount of #triage issues.
  • We helped enable support for subgraphs that index Arbitrum One contracts on the Network (and the hosted service).
  • We completed Phase 1 of scaling The Graph Network on L2. Developers can now publish subgraphs to Arbitrum One. Future phases are enabling indexing rewards on Arbitrum One and facilitating 1-click migration of subgraphs to Arbitrum One.
  • On the business side, we helped secure The Graph as a premier partner of Coinbase’s Base, released support for file data sources in Subgraph Studio, issued the first edition of The Graph Foundation’s monthly Developer Newsletter, and achieved consistently over 10,000 downloads per week on the graph protocol CLI.
  • Eth Denver was a big event for us this past month. 200 people attended a sold-out EthDenver event where The Graph was successfully represented. We hosted a Zero to Dapp Workshop on February 27th during ETH Denver with 5 partners: Polygon, Push Protocol, Biconomy, Fleek, & Encode Club.
  • Additionally, we also hosted a full-day workshop at CU Boulder on Feb 25, resulting in 50+ attendees, 9 data science projects submitted.
  • Content published this month included:

Other features shipped this month:

  • Additional features shipped include:
    • Activity feeds for subgraphs on the network
    • Curation 1.x update in Explorer
    • Filtering by indexed network in the Explorer
    • Creation and deployment of subgraphs indexing all testnets in the studio
    • Support for Celo, Avalanche, Arbitrum One in Studio, Network and docs
  • Implemented support for multisigs on Arbitrum in Graph Explorer and Subgraph Studio.

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • We plan to continue to push forward on Billing 2.0 MVP and continuing to unblock adoption of the decentralized network.
  • On the business front, we are targeting to:
    • Get at least one 1M+ daily vol subgraphs migrated
    • Evangelize The Graph Network scaling on L2 with Arbitrum
    • Add ZK-Sync to the studio, (ZK-sync will cover the costs)
    • Get Polygon live on the network
    • Launch Stage 1 of The Graph Website Redesign
    • Publish another “Best Practices in Subgraph Development” blog post
    • Launch NFT gated community at House of Web3