Edge & Node June/July 2023 Update

:woman_astronaut: Executive summary

At Edge & Node, we are on a mission to create a universe of flourishing, censorship resistant public data organized in a way that is free from corruption. We are taking steps to get closer to this mission, and The Graph Network is serving more and more of the world’s data each day.

Notable June Accomplishments:

  • Over 1 trillion queries have officially been served by between The Graph’s hosted service and The Graph Network. Our goal is to get all of these queries over to The Graph’s decentralized network and continuing to grow usability of web3 dapps
  • We released the MVP of Graphix, a system for cross-checking the integrity of query results across Indexers.
  • We added NPS into the Subgraph Studio and Graph Explorer to measure user sentiment
  • Documentation for Substreams, a powerful parallelized indexing technology, is live!

See below a detailed list of updates. They line up with our tracks to support top-level strategic initiatives:

1. Working towards the sunrise of decentralized data

  • 45+ subgraphs migrated this quarter, including the following high-volume subgraphs
    • Dodo - Arbitrum
    • Honeyswap - Gnosis Chain
    • OlympusDAO - Ethereum
    • SuperRare - Ethereum
    • Connext - Polygon & Arbitrum
    • Giveth - Ethereum and Gnosis Chain
    • Just to name a few!
  • Pitched the Firehose integration to 5+ chains for more performant data processing
  • Multiple dapps published subgraphs directly to The Graph Network, bypassing the hosted service altogether
  • The Graph continues to scale onto L2 with Arbitrum
    • Transfer tools are being developed to support the transfer of subgraphs, Indexer stake, delegated GRT, and curated signal
  • A new Subgraph Studio query endpoint has been developed, allowing for queries to automatically be made to the latest synced version of a subgraph

2. Running and supporting Indexers on The Graph Network:

  • Thanks to the Graphix MVP, Indexers can have great flexibility to check query results across:
    • Their own Indexer in relation to other Indexers on The Graph Network
    • Specified Indexers in specific environments

3. Monitoring and reducing infrastructure costs:

  • Completed numerous hosted service and Indexer infrastructure optimizations
    • Result was major operational cost reductions while maintaining same level of performance and reliability

Other accomplishments this month

  • Event participation around the world
    • Edge & Node hosted the L2 Scaling Journey event at the House of Web3, celebrating The Graph Network’s move to Arbitrum :tada:
      • Pablo demo’d the Arbitrum Transfer Tools in a “Launch & Learn” talk
        • These tools support Delegators, Curators, Indexers, and Subgraph Developers
      • The CSO of Arbitrum hosted a keynote
      • Edge & Node L2 Scaling Panel with four Edge & Node members
      • Workshops by Livepeer, Rubicon Finance, Banxa, and Edge & Node (first ever L2 Transfer Tools demo!)
    • Pranav presented on The Graph virtually at ETH Shanghai (online)
    • At ETH Seoul, Pranav gave a workshop with 120+ attendees
      • At the hackathon, 25% of of projects built on The Graph, and 10 subgraphs were deployed
    • At BUIDL Asia, Pranav gave keynote on Firehose with 50+ attendees
    • Edge & Node was the only web3 company representing at JSNation/React summit
      • We red-pilled a lot of web2 devs and gave out a ton of t-shirts and POAPs :partying_face:
    • Multiple team members were present at ETH Belgrade:
      • Edge & Node’s DevRel team gave two workshops and a keynote
    • ETHGlobal Waterloo :comet:
      • Marcus and Kevin of Edge & Node both gave Workshops with 80+ in attendance between the two
      • 23 hackathon projects (19%+ of all sponsor submissions) used The Graph
  • Publicity and Blogs
  • The Edge & Node House of Web3 is growing stronger every month :boom:
    • The House of Web3 has become a destination to many around the world to come and visit when in San Francisco - if you want to check it out, get in touch with Noelle, Trish or George from the Edge & Node team. You can find all the upcoming events here
    • We hosted the first web3 music event with 100+ people in attendance
    • Collaborated with SuperLayer and hosted a bi-monthly event to discuss better business practices for L1s and L2s with NEAR, Polkadot, Arweave and others in attendance
    • We launched Graph Lab inside the House of Web3 so that there is a space to help educate on The Graph
    • Launched Subgraph and Substreams Lunch & Learn events hosted by Edge & Node
    • Live streams of panels are fully optimized now…implemented Livepeer as web3 native option

A very warm welcome to all the new faces - if you aren’t yet participating in The Graph Network, we invite you to! Efforts on both the DevRel and Business Development fronts have supercharged network migration efforts thanks to talks, workshops, panels, and countless partner meetings.

What’s Next

We continue working towards the sunrise of decentralized data:

  • Keep scaling The Graph Network on Arbitrum:
    • Final launch of all L2 Transfer Tools
      • Subgraph transfers
      • Curation signal and Indexer stake transfers
      • Delegation transfers
    • Indexer Agent support for L1/L2 operation testing completion
    • Gather Council votes for advancing from 5% to 25% indexing rewards on L2
  • In May, The Graph reached #1 on the Web3 Index, and we aim to get back there and keep the #1 spot (sorry to all our friends on the list but it’s already ours :wink:)
  • We are on track to release a Billing 2.0 MVP in mid July
  • Many protocol improvements are in the works by core devs. Note: in order to be implemented, these improvements undergo governance processes via GIPs and votes by The Graph Council. We would love to hear your thoughts!
    • Pending Council vote, exponential rebates deployment
    • GIPs for Horizon MVP and Direct Indexer Payments with Flat Rewards
    • Scalar/TAP GIP (in coordination with Semiotic)
    • Council decision on Substreams indexing rewards proposal

We have set additional goals in the following categories:

    • Publish/curate 2+ top 20 dapp subgraphs to the network
    • Migrate 17+ subgraphs to the network
    • Migrate at least one 1M+ daily vol subgraph
    • Push the Testing/Implementation of rate-limiting-to-deprecation on Edge & Node subgraphs
    • Complete art project replacement
    • Launch 3rd Art event to celebrate collaboration with the community for their contribution to our art replacement project
    • Collaborate with more web3 companies to co-sponsor Thursday happy hours in August
    • Roll out Friday Office Hours - starting with Crypto Accounting, Finance and Investment
    • Secure 2 more community events
    • Finalize and roll out incident management process and teach team/community
    • Work to finalize plan for decentralized support, to be rolled out in Q4
    • Help wider team to push to unblock the biggest blockers
    • Weekly Graph Builders Office Hours

Thanks for the update Tegan!

Can we have an update as to what remaining achievements are needed to start phase 1 of sunsetting the hosted service?