Edge & Node’s April/May Update

:woman_astronaut: Executive Summary

The last 1.5 months have heralded some exciting developments around The Graph Network. Quantity without compromise on quality with the launch of many features that completed Phase 1 of the Sunrise of Decentralized Data — the Sunray. We have now entered Phase 2, the Sunbeam, after announcing on April 11th that The Graph Network is prepared to welcome all traffic from the hosted service, with a 60 day window for subgraph users to upgrade completing June 12th, 2024. For a summarized view into how Edge & Node is supporting subgraph developers and data consumers amidst the Sunrise, and news on major protocol enhancements, see below:

Notable March & April Accomplishments:

Progress on Sunrise: The completion of Sunray and the start of Sunbeam

We now have an official date for the completion of the sunrise — June 12th, 2024 where all dapps will need to upgrade their endpoints to The Graph Network. In order to prepare for the Sunbeam’s Upgrade Window, we launched a plethora of features around the studio and gateways that together comprised the Sunray:

  • Free Query Plan: To keep the Network accessible for all, we introduced 100,000 free queries every month for all users
  • Transparent Billing: To make the network scalable for power users, we enabled transparent, predictable pricing of $40 per million queries above the first 100k
  • Pay by Card or GRT: To make those payment transactions more convenient, we enabled payment via GRT or credit/debit cards — so signing up to pay for queries on the protocol becomes as easy as singing up for any web2 service
  • All of the above features are communicated via a shiny new Studio Pricing page
  • With the recent introduction of Blast mainnet to both Studio and Network support (via the Upgrade Indexer), there are 45+ chains supported on the Network, all easily searched, filtered, and sorted on the new Supported Networks page
  • To tie it all together, we’ve built a hyper-streamlined Upgrade Flow — which makes upgrading to The Graph Network as easy as a few clicks!
    • Any active subgraphs can be selected for upgrade
    • All of these upgrades will be gasless
    • Users just need to select which wallet will receive ownership of the subgraphs

Mainstream attention on The Graph amplifies

  • The Graph was featured on the TechCunch podcast and article
    • The article highlights how The Graph — along with upcoming AI integrations on The Graph Network — allows greater transparency, autonomy, and data self-sovereignty. We are proud to work on a mission that is helping to create the web we all deserve!

The Graph grows via widening participation, technical education, and open-sourced releases

  • There are now over 2,400 subgraphs published on The Graph Network across L1 (Ethereum) and L2 (Arbitrum), with 96% of subgraphs published in Q1 happening on L2
  • 641 of these subgraphs are generating over 1,000 monthly queries — an all-time high
  • The DevRel and BD teams continued educating across the world with workshops, panels, and demos across EthDenver, EthGlobal London, EthBucharest, plus oodles of recorded content
  • A feature-rich Graph Node update, v0.35.0 was released. Some highlights:
    • Aggregations! Declarative aggregations defined in the subgraph schema allow the developer to aggregate values on specific intervals using flexible aggregation functions. (#5082) (#5184) (#5209) (#5242) (#5208)
    • Parallel execution of all top-level queries in a single query body (#5273)
    • Support for explicit pausing and resuming of subgraph deployments with a field tracking the paused state in indexerStatuses (#5190)

What’s Next:

  • The next graph-node release is being tested and will be released soon. Upcoming features of note include:
  • Completing the Sunrise
  • Ensure the first set of smart contracts for the implementation of Graph Horizon are ready for audit
  • Develop an MVP for indexing payments (originally GIP-0058 and also part of Graph Horizon)
  • Create a proposal to scale arbitration
  • Support the growth of The Graph Network by encouraging projects to leverage the Upgrade Flow across all channels
  • Add subgraph building guides on a per-chain basis to the Supported Networks page
  • 125 House of Web3 Co-Creation Contributor NFTs sold
  • Unlocking the world of data services on The Graph Network