Edge & Node's May/June Update

:woman_astronaut: Exec summary

At Edge & Node, we are on a mission of Graph Domination to empower the world with censorship resistant public data. We are taking steps to get closer to this mission, and The Graph Network serving more and more of the world’s data each day.

In May, Edge & Node advanced the multi-chain data enablement journey of The Graph Network with Polygon and Fantom going live on the decentralized network. The latest release of Indexer components enabled Indexers to claim rewards for newly supported networks. We also pushed decentralized data usage forward by white-gloving major subgraphs to the protocol (including the protocol on L2) with the ENS and Uniswap Foundation subgraphs white-gloved to The Graph Network. Another highlight was teaming up with to StreamingFast show off the power of substreams to large dapps.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Arbitrum One on The Graph Network is gaining momentum with 150+ subgraphs live on Arbitrum One via The Graph Network with 19 Indexers, 40+ Curators, and 70+ Delegators helping to dapps on Arbitrum One serve users their data needs.
  • With Polygon and Fantom’s newly available on The Graph Network, the 1,000+ subgraphs leveraging the hosted service can now move to the decentralized protocol. The migration is on!
  • Released Indexer components v0.20.16 to help the Indexers level up around allocation, execution and improving Eth gas efficiency
  • The PM, Design and Product Engineering teams have worked very hard on the new landing page - check it out at thegraph.com and let us know what you think on Twitter

The marketing team has helped the community expand to reach more people around the globe — The Graph’s Twitter account has grown beyond 300K followers. Welcome to all the new faces - if you aren’t yet participating in The Graph Network, we welcome you to! Efforts on both the DevRel and Business Development fronts have supercharged network migration efforts due to talks, workshops, panels, and countless meetings.

See below a detailed list of updates updates, they line up with our tracks to support top-level strategic initiatives.

1. Running and supporting Indexers on the network:

  • Polygon, Fantom, Celo, and Arbitrum One support activated on The Graph Network with indexing rewards! For consistency and compatibility, the plan of record is to use matic everywhere to refer to Polygon.
  • Released Indexer components v0.20.16 (the first release marked as Mainnet-stable since January 2023). It enables:
    • Managing Indexer actions in a predictable, efficient way
    • New allocation management modes
    • Improved CLI interaction
    • Improvement to batch action execution - agent uses better algorithm for expected free stake to include all rewards that will be collected in the batch. This allows for more batching, which means better Eth gas efficiency for Indexers.
  • Direct Indexer Payments (DIPs) discussions are making strong progress towards consensus, so materials being prepared to present ideas to wider audience of core devs.

2. Working towards the sunrise of decentralized data

  • 14 subgraphs migrated, including subgraphs of Uniswap Foundation, ENS, and Quickswap
  • We added Sepolia testnet support in Subgraph Studio - we are here to support anyone building on Sepolia testnet :muscle:
  • The Graph continues scaling with Arbitrum
    • Development:
      • Built support for seamless subgraph transfers
      • Audit for the Stake/Delegation/Vesting Transfer Tools contracts completed
      • Indexer Agent changes to support seamless subgraph transfers (L1→L2) completed, will be testing first week of June
      • Network subgraph changes ongoing
    • Testing on Goerli:
      • Contracts for subgraph and curation transfers published to Goerli network.
      • Testing the stake and delegation transfers on Scratch testnet, to get it deployed to public testnet and Mainnet soon after the other transfer tools

3. Monitoring and reducing infrastructure costs:

  • Identified and deleted unused indexes from hosted service databases, cutting our GCP storage in half (decreased by 90 TBs).
  • Completed GCP-required database maintenance for Studio and Hosted Service shards; upgraded several shards to Postgres v14.

Other accomplishments this month

  • The Dev Rel team ran the booth with other members from The Graph ecosystem at ETHGlobal Lisbon and attracted 33 teams building on The Graph, hitting 18% of all hackathon project submissions. This is quite substantial and we love to see so many hackers leveraging The Graph to build :hammer_and_wrench:
  • We shipped an updated landing page in all its glory, received overwhelmingly positive community reception
  • Q1 Participant update delivered and recorded with a Twitter recap thread - check it out and tweet your favorite part
  • Tegan and Kyle held “Web3 Innovators + Getting Hired in Web3” Fireside chat at the House of Web3 in San Francisco with a great turnout from old friends and new friends wanting to break into web3
  • Simon was featured on a panel and held a subgraph development workshop in Amsterdam
  • With Avalanche live on The Graph Network, Kyle and Simon headed over to Barcelona to represent The Graph ecosystem, meet dapps building on Avalanche and help them build on / migrate to The Graph Network. Simon held a subgraph development workshop while there.
  • Simon hosted two panels about Account Abstraction in Lisbon
  • Marcus released 3 new how-to videos to help more easily onboard the world to The Graph ecosystem - be sure to share and subscribe if you haven’t already.
  • Marcus shipped Developer Newsletter #5 featuring substreams, EthGlobal Lisbon, and developer blog contributions
  • Increased Twitter followers on The Graph Official account: we have passed 300K Twitter followers!
  • Web3 Tea newsletter went out each week in May, marking the first full execution month under the new cadence - subscribe to the tea here :teapot:
    • With this new cadence, the open rate has recovered dramatically from as low as 4% to now consistently above 15% (most recently we saw over 19% open rate which is an almost 5x improvement)
  • Network migrant co-marketing
  • Blogs
    • We launched our syndicated blog page! This means that anyone from the developer community can submit a blog for review to be posted on the site. Starting off strong with the GOAT himself - David Lutterkort shared a technical subgraph improvements blog using canonical URLs on The Graph Blog - more dev content attributed to other authors coming soon! If you want to be featured, get it touch with Simon.
    • On-chain public data is cool, but what happens when you expand this use case to off-chain data :exploding_head: Craig published his blog on The Graph Unlocks a New Web3 Use Case: Organizing Off-chain Data - check out the blog + podcast version
    • Theo’s blog on QoS improvements and The Graph Network superiority
    • Pranav published his blog post on his Two years Working on The Graph - we can’t wait for many more to come!
  • The Edge & Node House of Web3 is popping off :boom:
    • The House of Web3 has become a destination to many around the world to come and visit when in San Francisco - if you want to check it out, get in touch with Noelle, Trish or George from our team. Check out all the upcoming events here
    • First conference at House of Web3: BuildETH on May 12th from 9am to 5pm with ~300 in attendance!
    • “NEAR SF Hack & Pitch Night” on May 4th with ~125 in attendance
    • “AI Workshop with Semiotic Labs” on May 5th. First live streamed event - many learnings about optimizing future livestreamed events
    • “My First DAO with Upstream” on May 10th with ~80 in attendance
    • Total New Co-Creators Accepted in May: 83 - welcome! We can’t wait to see who is going to be the next co-creator of the month :star_struck:

What’s Next

1. Working towards the sunrise of decentralized data

  • Our goal is to migrate at least 45 subgraphs from the hosted service to The Graph Network in Q3, including four 1M+ daily volume subgraphs - T-1 month remaining!
  • In May, The Graph reached #1 on the Web3 Index, and we aim to get back there and keep the #1 spot (sorry to all our friends on the list but it’s already ours :wink:)
  • We are on track to release a Billing 2.0 MVP in mid June - updated designs will be discussed on June 1
  • L2 approval and rollout:
    • If we complete Indexer Agent and Studio/Explorer changes and testing first week of June, we could deploy subgraph and curation transfer tools to Mainnet before mid-June
    • Gathering Council votes for L2 Transfer Tools and scaling from 5% to 25% indexing rewards on L2
  • Progress made on Persona Portals and Solutions Pages for revamped website

2. Running and supporting Indexers on the network:

  • Indexer software in progress - major lift to support Indexers operating on multiple networks with a single backend. Important for supporting seamless subgraph transitions from L1 → L2.
  • Increased priority of Graphix MVP - 2 engineers focused on it now.
    • MVP to include:
      • Subgraph deployments visualization to understand where the most POI discrepancies are.
      • Divergence reports - generate detailed reports to aid in root causing POI divergencies.
      • Network mode - use network subgraph to monitor all Indexers and deployments on the network.
  • Working through Graph Node v0.31.0 — release on testnet :sunglasses:.
  • A ton more Graph Node improvements upcoming in releases further downstream
    • Working on pruning configuration spike
    • Finished PR to fix issues with the derived loader codegen in graph-cli⚒️.
    • Batching writes ready for next release :paperclips: .
    • File data sources contention fixes.
    • Reduce creation of expensive and unhelpful indices
    • Optimize static filters