Euler finance allocation closed wrongly

Hey everyone!

Writing here because i have mistakenly closed the Euler finance allocation wrongly. When it broke down i just noticed the block in which it broke with
failed to process trigger: block #15700199 (0x1567…983b), transaction 102d9eb3d096d5cfc74ba56ea7c3b0ebfc30454d7f3d000fd42c1307f746c2cf: Mapping terminated before handling trigger: oneshot canceled

, took that, found start block and manual closed it with a non 0 POI. At that time i didnt check the full error or tried to rewind or verify if the error was deterministic or not. Only when i saw the subgraph-health channel (see Discord) i realized i didnt verify if it was deterministic or not.

I am not sure how this goes and i dont want to hide the fact that i made a mistake here, just wanted to self report in here as i think its the right thing to do. The allocation ID was 0x50e79a8c3522304fae1d3f9fc965fbe996f43691 and it was live for about 1 day and 16h before i closed it. The second time i allocated to it i closed with 0x0 POI as i realized its a non deterministic one.

If at all possible i would be fully willing to send rewards generated in that allocation to a burn address or something. If not, i guess ill have to face the music, but wanted to post this rather than hide the fact that i made a mistake.

cc @ari as im not sure how this even works in this case lol

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This is a mistake not intentionally harming the network so I suggest burn reward is a good choice.