Getting Immediate Data of Token

Hi there, I hope you are doing good.
We need to enquire about something. Does this platform provide some sort of API Endpoints from which we could get the live pricing Data?

For example, We need this data of Tokens present across different chains. By Different chains we mean that some tokens could be in Bscscan and some could be in Ethereumscan etc.

The data we want to get in our site is:

Volume 24h
Circulating supply
1H % Change
24H Change
7D Change
No. of Holders

We could need to get this data by Contract Address of Token with Chain id or something to distinguish chain.

As an example, this is SpeedRocket token & we need its immediate data: 0x9b8d33e184cd72b22841275f30a66ced6fc98d09.

There could be dozens of tokens for which we will need data. Also let us know about data refresh rate. Thank you.

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Can anyone help me regarding this? Its been 23 days my topic has not been answered.
We want to try this API but not finding any info about the data which we want.

I’m not sure if there are ‘generic’ subgraphs/APIs for this data, but there may be subgraphs developed by DEXes which include this information (and/or the ingredients for computing some of it), as well as third party subgraphs using data from these dApps.

I’d explore for community subgraphs from different chains with schemas which may fit your criteria. I’m not knowledgeable about the refresh rates for subgraphs on different networks though.

Sorry this a little difficult for me to understand.
You mean that this API works differently than other APIs like BscScan/EtherScan?
Or it is totally a different thing?