GIP-0001 and Getting Started with GIPs, GRPs, GRCs, etc

@Brandon thanks for setting this up – i have a radicle-seed node running as well and happy to add it here for others to leverage

My Radicle Seed node is:

Tried to fork the GIP repo from you copy but looks it is unable to see it for some reason – let me know if you have any tips?


@pkr I have the same problem now. How did you resolve it?

@xarborial there is some problem w/ prior versions of Radicle Upstream …try upgrading your client to the most current version 0.1.12 and it should work.

It is working for me now, here is a screenshot

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In response to another forum discussion on arbitration ( An Arbitration Charter to clarify Arbitrator behavior - Research & Protocol Improvements - The Graph), I am struggling to find the specified branch “zerim/arbitration-charter”, maybe someone can provide helpful tips.

Here is what I’m seeing:

The left dropdown box only shows GIP branches, not the specified arbitration chapter:
Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 8.15.28 AM

The top dropdown box only shows the maintainer selection:
Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 8.16.37 AM

Curious whether I somehow need to add the arbitration chapter branch, but have not found a way to do that. Thanks for any help in advance!

Thanks for following up on this @Oliver. Looks like the new branch made it to my Radicle Upstream client but the client is failing to connect to any peers.

I’m going to try updating to the latest version, restarting, and seeing if that fixes. Stay tuned.

Update: updating my client didn’t seem to fix things, even though I can see the branch in my Radicle client and I can see that my client is connected to The Graph’s community seed. I’ve reached out to the Radicle team to troubleshoot.


Update: Radicle team says many of the replication issues will be solved in the upcoming 0.2 release, which is a breaking lease. Documentation for upgrading will be available coinciding with the release.

There is some additional troubleshooting steps involving our Radicle Seed we can try out that we’ve blocked out some time tomorrow to work through.

In the meantime, @Oliver I’ll post the full contents of the Arbitration Charter in the post you’ve linked.

Update: Radicle released a new minor version, 0.2.X, which is supposed to be far more stable for replication.

Can read more about the release here.

This was a breaking change for all clients and seed nodes. We have upgraded our seed node and I’ve confirmed (w/ @Oliver 's help) that the GIP repo is now propagating correctly again.

As part of the breaking change, project IDs have to be recreated. The new one for the GIP repo is: rad:git:hnrkrhnth6afcc6mnmtokbp4h9575fgrhzbay (I have also updated this in the OP).

Thanks everyone for you patience as we dogfood the bleeding edge of decentralized tech! :globe_with_meridians:


It appears that Radicle is only available for Mac and Linux. What route should someone using windows take to interact with the repo?

Btw, on my Mac, it also doesn’t work, at least for new users. Or maybe I do something wrong. If someone could check Radicle and help me with getting access to it, it will be super nice :slight_smile:

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Still no luck to connect to this project. Radicle keeps saying: "This project haven't been found yet", while one of the connected peers is

Updated Workflow (as of March 2022)

  • The Radicle team has pivoted towards a new workflow centered around the newly released Radicle CLI
    • Instructions for getting started with the Radicle CLI can be found here.
    • Documentation for the new CLI can be found by running man rad in your terminal or on the web here.
  • The Graph’s GIP Editors now have an org page at!
    • The GIPs repo can now also be viewed in the browser here!
    • The GIP repo can be cloned from that public repo page.
    • If you rad push your contributions to The Graph’s seed node (, then they can also be viewed at that page and permalinked when you post to the forums.
      • Note: Cloning the repo from the repo link above using rad clone should automatically configure the cloned repo w/ The Graph’s radicle seed node.

The above bullets can be used in lieu of the Radicle Upstream worfklow described above, although I believe the Radicle team is working to also make the Upstream client adopt the new syncing strategy pioneered by the CLI.

If you have any issues with the above workflow, the Radicle team is incredibly responsive. You can find there their support channel here.


Omg this is AWESOME!!!

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When I click on the link to the GIP repo viewable in the browser here it shows This project was not found.

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Also had that issue with Firefox, but it did work with Edge. May be browser/security settings related

That’s strange. The link is working for me on both Chrome and Firefox. May have been a temporary blip, but if it continues I’d recommend reaching out to the Radicle team.

I believe proxies some requests to The Graph’s seed node, so it’s possible there were intermittent liveness issues on that side.

Radicle found the issue. If MetaMask is set to some other network besides mainnet, the project will fail to load.


I’m also getting the “this project was not found” error. @That3Percent, I followed the steps they gave you on the Radicle Discord to no avail. It looks like may be down. This is my network log when trying to access the URL that Radicle returned after I pushed my GIP.

What is the prefered way to access the GIPs on radicle? I tried the web interface, and the rad CLI and can’t get it to work. Is the correct repo address still rad:git:hnrkrhnth6afcc6mnmtokbp4h9575fgrhzbay ?

I’m seeing issues with loading the org page. Indeed, there are some proxied requests back to The Graph’s seed node. I suspect that the port the API uses is no longer serving the traffic: