GIP-0061: Improvements to the GIP process


This GIP proposes changes to the GIP process, designed to simplify the process and clarify the steps to get a GIP implemented and deployed.

It proposes removing the so far unused concept of GRP (Graph Request for Proposals), and reducing the number of possible stages for a GIP. It also introduces clearer instructions on how to get a GIP audited, tested and discussed by the community and the Council.


Since the introduction of the GIP process in GIP-0001, many proposals have been created, published and accepted by the Council. Most of them have been developed by core developers, and we believe the current process can be improved to make it clearer for non-core-developer contributors to propose changes to the protocol, and to understand the steps that are needed to get a proposal accepted and deployed.

This GIP therefore aims to simplify the process and bring some clarity so that it’s easier for people who want to improve The Graph to bring their ideas to the community, and implement and deploy them if they are accepted.

The full text of the GIP is available on GitHub together with the updated GIP-0001 that describes the process. The changes have been proposed as a Pull Request to the GIP repo.

As usual, this is an early draft and I would very much welcome feedback from the community.