GIP-0001 and Getting Started with GIPs, GRPs, GRCs, etc

I’m seeing issues with loading the org page. Indeed, there are some proxied requests back to The Graph’s seed node. I suspect that the port the API uses is no longer serving the traffic:

Both links from above that should work from the browser don’t work for me. IDK if I should install something first but I’m just trying on my vanilla Brave on Android to access the following link:

Feel free to let me know that I’m pleb and this of course cannot work.

Hi @SCBuergel

The canonical repository hosting governance proposals is now on GitHub GitHub repository, while Radicle works on implementing some of the missing features. I’m not sure which GIP you’re trying to fetch from Radicle, but you should be able to find it in GitHub.

We’ll be updating GIP-0001 in the upcoming days to reflect the new process, with updated references to the correct repository. In the meantime, if you want to get started with a proposal, please follow the steps currently found in the new

  1. Fork the GIP template and open up a PR once ready.
  2. Do not create a thread in the Forum until instructed to do so by the repo maintainer (Editor).

Contributions are always welcome! We have contributors monitoring the repo, and we’ll always help you along the way.