GIP-0054: Timeline Aggregation Protocol

GIP: 0054

Title: Timeline Aggregation Protocol

Authors: Bryan Cole, Severiano Sisneros, Alexis Asseman, Zachary Burns, Theo Butler, Gokay Saldamli, Tomasz Kornuta

Stage: Candidate

Implementation: TAP, TAP Contracts


This GIP aims to establish a trust-minimized system of payment between Gateways and Indexers. The primary change proposed by this GIP is to extend the existing Scalar payment system by which Indexers and Gateways track and settle payments for queries within a specified allocation period.

The proposed protocol is called Timeline Aggregation Protocol (TAP). The TAP is designed to protect against potential fraudulent activity by ensuring that:

  • each receipt and receipt aggregate is unique to a specific Gateway,
  • each receipt can only be used once to claim a debt, and
  • each receipt can only be used for the allocation in which it was issued.

The protocol also enables the Indexers to efficiently prove “on-chain” total sum of receipts for the queries they served.


  • Minimizing trust requirements between payers and payees
  • Creating a system which is scalable in terms of both query and participants
  • Fast and robust aggregation of per-queries receipts
  • Cheap on-chain verification of receipt aggregates

For more details, including High Level Description, Detailed Specification (of TAP operation, data structures and API), Backwards Compatibility, Risks and Security Considerations and Rationale and Alternatives, please refer to the GIP repo.


Linking the full GIP from the repository here just in case anyone can’t find it:

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The link to the GIP is there in the header " GIP: 0054 ", but maybe it is not that visible, so thanks!