Edge & Node's March/April Update

:woman_astronaut: Executive Summary

It’s been an invigorating past few weeks for The Graph’s growing ecosystem, which has welcomed many new protocol participants — recently surpassing the 100,000 Delegator count! In parallel, Edge & Node has been hard at work shipping protocol and developer experience enhancements. The Sunrise of Decentralized Data is rapidly approaching, and we’re here to ensure the data needs of web3’s builders are met at the highest quality level and reliably secured by decentralized infrastructure. Read on for a summarized view into some of the most high-impact recent updates:

Notable February Accomplishments:

Evolution of The Graph’s underlying tech & protocol:

The Graph grows across network adoption and technical onboarding

  • Edge & Node’s business development team reports a new all-time high for Network subgraphs published: 1825 (+123 from January)
  • On the web3 education and onboarding front, we’ve made significant contributions:
    • The DevRel team ran full-stack dapp development workshops in Italy and Mexico
    • We continued our education of the next generation of builders by presiding over the UPenn Web3 Hackathon
    • We held a plethora of workshops during BUIDLWeek at EthDenver in Colorado — check out Kevin Jones’ workshop!
    • Finally, we launched the House of Web3 NFT on February 1st and saw 58 NFTs snapped up so far

What’s Next:

  • At the time of this post’s publication, Edge & Node is in full force at ETHDenver. Check out the full list of panels, talks, and workshops covering how The Graph lays the foundation for data on the decentralized internet — review the ecosystem lineup here on X.
    • In more event news, Edge & Node will contribute to The Graph’s presence and hackathon education at ETHGlobal London
  • We are collaborating with The Graph Foundation to publish a blog on how The Graph supports EIP-4844 (blobs)
  • Stay tuned for a new post on The Graph’s blog surrounding the intersection of The Graph and AI technology, supported by core dev Semiotic.
  • We are working to complete foundational educational content, including a cookbook series on Subgraph Best Practices, a Query Optimization blog post, a full-stack demo project, an ETH Global Guide for The Graph, and 3 videos on the Sunrise of Decentralized Data
  • The Graph Studio and Explorer teams are testing several new features for release soon:
    • A free query tier which grants users a number of free queries every month
    • A billing experience redesign for a smoother onboarding, management, and payment experience
  • With the help of InfraDAO, we will perform end-to-end tests of the TAP payment system
  • We will finish Studio and Explorer tests for final contributions towards the Sunray phase, before kicking off the Sunbeam phase as described in Sunrise of Decentralized Data
  • Excitingly, we anticipate an alpha version of the Data Service SDK and the very first alpha iteration of Horizon contracts