GIP-0065: Subgraph Availability Manager


This GIP proposes increasing the decentralization in The Graph by introducing a new smart contract SubgraphAvailabilityManager.


The Subgraph Availability Oracle (SAO) plays a crucial role in The Graph’s ecosystem. Its main function is to verify the availability and validity of subgraph files. Currently there is a single instance of the SAO in operation executing open-source code accessible at The Graph’s Subgraph Oracle repository. This SAO instance runs at five-minute intervals, performing a series of checks to assess the state of subgraph files. In instances where the SAO identifies unavailability or invalidity in a subgraph’s files, it sends a transaction to the RewardsManager contract to deny indexing rewards for that subgraph.

The proposed change aims to enhance the decentralization of the protocol by introducing five separate oracles operators and requiring a minimum of three votes among them before any decisive action is taken. All oracles operators will be bound by the Subgraph Availability Oracle Operator Charter included in this GIP which outlines their roles, responsibilities, and operational guidelines.

The full details about this proposal can be found here: Github PR
Implementation can be found here: Github PR