Gnosis Safe support in the Studio app


The PoolTogether team manages its assets using a Gnosis Safe. This is good for both redundancy and security.

It would be extremely helpful if the Gnosis Safe was supported by the Studio app. The Safe we were given by The Graph team can’t be used, and we can’t use our own Safe either. Using an EOA isn’t a practice we’re fond of.

Is Safe support on the timeline?


I’m with @Brendan on the need for Gnosis support.

It looks like you are quite close with your experimental Wallet Connect support. However, when I use Gnosis to connect to wallet connect, I get directed to a page that asks me to sign a transaction to login:

When I click on that button, nothing happens. Developer tools don’t show any kind of click handler attached to the button, and it certainly doesn’t connect to the Gnosis safe. Could you fix that page?

Gnosis support is critical for me, because it would allow me to have multiple team members able to interact with and manage a graph. One address to one graph is not adequate for graphs that serve DAOs or other organizations with multiple developers. Gnosis and real wallet connect support would provide orgs like that a path forward with subgraphs, and the org could then fund the GRT needed.

Also, there does appear to be another way to connect to Gnosis, but it also doesn’t work. If I click the “desktop” link above the Wallet Connect QR Code, it shows a Gnosis Safe Multisig option. But the link it sends you to is incorrect and results in being dumped to the Gnosis Safe Intro page with a bunch of information in the query string. I’ve not been able to get it to connect to the Gnosis safe in any way that results in being able to execute transactions or signatures.

Gnosis safe integration has been implemented and it’s working in production now, if you use the third login method in the sign-in modal. :slight_smile:

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Fantastic, thank you.

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