Graph Council Meeting #75

Council members value transparency and have agreed to follow Chatham House Rules for sharing meeting notes. On May 16th 2024, The Graph Council held its 75th meeting.

Adam Fuller
Yondon Fu
Chris Wessels
Santiago Palladino
Alex Bourget
Mable Jiang
Julien Genestoux
Gary Morris

Etienne Brunet, The Foundation
Pablo , Edget & Node

The Graph Foundation (”Foundation”)
Eva Beylin: Director

Observer and Note Taker
Note taker: Alex Marsh, the Foundation
Observer: Harriet Fisher, the Foundation
Observer: Brandon Ramirez
Observer: Yaniv Tal

Council Business


  • The E&N smart contracts team presented a proposal for advancing security processes and best practices.
  • The Foundation presented a proposal on continued grants to InfraDAO. This was not voted on, as further details were requested by the Council before making a vote.
  • The Council reviewed GGP-041: Protocol support for Base, Binance, Linea & Scroll. Council vote was approved for the support for Base, Linea, and Scroll. More information is needed for the approval of BNB support with indexing rewards. Internal teams will identify the root cause of various POI divergences for ~150 subgraphs and share details and a solution to ensure Indexers can best serve BNB chain.
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