Graphlets: Graph Stakeholder Dashboard by Staking Facilities

Hey there,

I am Rob and I’m posting this on behalf of the Staking Facilities team. It’s really cool to have this forum as a place to connect with fellow Graph stakeholders (sorry for the bad pun).

We’d also like to share a tool we developed for the community:

While it is early stage and we are in the middle of working on further features, we would still love to hear your thoughts about Graphlets. Receiving feedback from the community is super valuable and helps us in building a tool that is most useful to you.

We would highly appreciate it if you could take a bit of time to provide us with feedback - here are a few points you could address:

  • What do you like?
  • What do you not like?
  • Are some things unclear to you when using Graphlets? If so, which?
  • Were you able to find the information you were looking for when you used Graphlets?
  • What features would you like to see being implemented?
  • Are there any other tools that you enjoy using/find particularly good (not limited to The Graph)?

Please feel free to deviate from these questions - any kind of feedback is highly appreciated! We’d also love to hear from which perspective you are providing the feedback (Indexer, Curator, Delegator etc.)

Thanks a bunch in advance and kudos to all the other contributors, indexer, curators, builders etc. - it is really a great community to be a part of!