GraphOps Update April 2023

:woman_astronaut: Exec summary

In March, GraphOps officially launched Graphcast Network, Graphcast SDK and POI Radio with a blog post and Twitter coverage! With these tools in beta, we encourage Indexers to run POI Radio in their stack. Anyone interested in building Radios on Graphcast SDK, please reach out to us. We have also continued our R&D on Core Network Substreams, having refined our strategy around extracting data using storage changes.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

Graphcast (Documentation, SDK Crate, Code, GRC-001)

We officially beta launched Graphcast Network and Graphcast SDK, with great reception from the community - thank you all. The SDK saw a number of improvements relating to Prometheus support and better configuration validation.

Development Activity

POI Radio (Documentation, Docker Image, Radio Crate, Code)

With Graphcast beta launched, Indexers are encouraged to run POI Radio alongside their existing Indexer stack. Follow the instructions here to get started. We are grateful to all the Indexers that have reached out with feedback already - thank you!

  • POI Radio was added to StakeSquidโ€™s testnet stack
  • Alpha support for exporting Prometheus metrics has landed in the latest release
  • Support for Discord notifications added!
Development Activity
  • POI Radio pull requests merged:
    • PR #83: Update crate badge
    • PR #82: Add Prometheus support
    • PR #81: More message uniqueness checks
    • PR #80: Attestation indexer sender group sort and hash
    • PR #77: Update PR template and feat: update PR template
    • PR #73: Add topic levels, stake by alloc status, logs calc
    • PR #79: Compare attestations check all local entries
    • PR #78: Pruning local+remote after expiry, update collect window to local
    • PR #72: Release note generation and update docker tagging
    • PR #65: Add notifications
    • PR #63: Logging improvement
    • PR #51: SDK version update + use Config, add logs
    • PR #54: Add ca-certificates to Dockerfile

Network Operations (Core Network Subgraph, Core Network Substreams)

Progress has continued on Core Network Substreams, with the intention of creating core substreams-backed-subgraphs that will eventually replace the existing mappings-based subgraphs. Thanks to the StreamingFast team for their continued support on this topic.

Development Activity

Ecosystem Relations

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Graphcast & POI Radio
    • Release Prometheus metrics and Grafana dashboard to POI Radio for visualising POI data
    • Release a walkthrough workshop for Indexers to add POI Radio to their stack
    • Continue creating specifications for new Radio use cases with a focus on improving network QoS and Indexer intelligence
  • Network Operations
    • Continue work on the Core Network Substreams, with next priorities identified here, including Curation and GNS.
    • Continue work on the L2 migration, Core Network Subgraphs, and the Epoch Block Oracle
  • Launchpad and Kubernetes Tooling
    • Continue work on Launchpad V2
  • Ecosystem Relations
    • Please join the community for Indexer Office Hours (on Tuesday) and Launchpad Office Hours (on Wednesday) every week at 6pm UTC in the Graph Protocol Discord