Hosted service Halted with no errors at specific block height

I’m experimenting with the hosted service for near-testnet. I have built and am currently running some different subgraphs.

I noticed that they were all stuck today at block 115558389. Looking at the NEAR explorer, the current block is 115591996.

Here is the link and a print of one of my subgraphs:

Is there any reason for this particular outage? Any way to fix it?
Also, is there any way to have a failback to a different The Graph instance to be able to circumvent such outage issues if they happen frquently?


Thanks for reporting this.

Indeed some chains are in beta, and outages can unfortunately sometimes happen (although not too often). We’re currently trying to fix it, and I’ll report back asap.

By the way, this is a good reminder that reliability and redundancy can only be achieved in a decentralized way, and this is why we’re adding support for more and more chains on The Graph’s decentralized network: Subgraphs | Graph Explorer

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Quick update:

Unfortunately, it is still currently stuck with a +18h lag. This is due to a recent update to near’s client / validation node which broke the integration. Core developers are still actively working on it,.

We’ll be posting updates here: The Graph Status - Hosted service : Near testnet stuck

I will notify you here too once fully solved.

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Hey @jasso

This is now fully resolved. We should also be ready for Near mainnet when this new build becomes mandatory for node operators

Please let us know if you find any issues.


Thanks @Pedro! I’ll be running tests today again and in case anything comes up I’ll let you know!

Thanks again for the fast response time!

That’s good to know!

Feel free to reach out in our #near Discord channel too. :slight_smile:

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