How do I see query activity?

I understand I am supposed to signal on graphs that have the potential to be queried a lot and hence generate a lot of query fees.

Someone said if the graph is not being signaled a lot but it is generating query fees then it’s undersignaled and I should signal it.

How can I see how much a graph is being queried? I couldn’t see that in the graph explorer.

Also, I’m trying to understand the overall purpose of this. A graph provides useful data to developers. There’s no graph for currencies it seems, like Ethereum. Instead there’s graphs mainly for dapps - applications which provide different kinds of data about different kinds of blockchains, or something? Which graph is most about just financial transactions, just for me to get a clear picture of this?

How the graph collects that data is up to the developer of that graph. But the graph publishes its data on a blockchain in some way. For some reason, there might be poor quality graphs. I’m not sure if this is just people abandoning their project ideas or if there’s some kind of potential for scamming, in making a poor quality graph.

A curator has to find graphs that seem legit and useful and “signal” on them.

Signaling is literally just a way for other people to see that the graph has approval, it’s almost like a review on Google Maps.

But signaling needs incentives in its turn so that it becomes a credential of real trust.

If you signal on a graph, you actually sort of own shares of that graph. It’s sort of like owning stock or an NFT. The more people that signal on a graph, the more valuable its shares become.

Why is that? Like in economic terms or blockchain terms… each graph exists on the GRT blockchain in some way. Yet you signal on graphs with the GRT currency. This part I do not understand. All I know is blockchains usually have some sort of cryptocurrency. How can The Graph have both “shares” and GRT on its blockchain? How does the blockchain enable / support that? And why do graph shares become more valuable when more people own shares of the same graph?

Is it partially because by owning shares you receive a percentage of query fees generated, so a highly signaled graph probably has more users and more revenue?

Thanks very much

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