How to get a refreshed Discord Invite? Unable to Accept Invite message

Error message is “Unable to Accept Invite”

I was in once, but I am unable to connect now.

Hey, try this!:

@reemchahrour thanks for the quick response.
That link gives me the same error message " unable to accept invite"

hey @lilly-white !

I had this error this morning when joining a different server. I copied the invite link above ^ and joined directly via Discord where you enter in the invite link. Please see below for reference:

@lilly-white what’s your discord name, including the #number. You might’ve been banned.

@indexer_payne lillywhite #7348

Indeed you were banned. Not sure why. You can join back now.

OMG, what could I possibly have done to get banned?
Okay, so now where do I find a link to re-join?
Thank you so much for your help.

Thank you both for your help. I am in!