I can't get into the discord server to use your faucet

I can’t get into the discord and I’ve been trying all morning. my handle on discord is saulloveman user ID is 877642945996673126

please help me to get some test net GRT… I am trying to demo your product at superhack this week.

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There is an issue with the verification bot. Once that’s fixed, you can get in.
Do you still need test GRT?

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This issue is still happening. I also cannot get into the discord :frowning:
Do you have any idea on when this will be fixed?

Let me find out from the team.

What’s your discord handle?

my username is mitchhs12

I cannot find you in our Discord server, can you try to rejoin again?
I also sent you a friend request on Discord

Can you try to join again the Discord server? For some unknown reasons you were banned. Also, I sent you a friend request on Discord.